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Palms Condos Las Vegas

Palms Condos Las Vegas

Palms Condos Las Vegas


Sumptuous Life in Palms Condos Las Vegas

If you are looking forward to be near to the vivid nightlife scene of Las Vegas, you should consider living in one of the modern and sleek condo units of Palms Place. This condo estate is very proximal to the prestigious Palms Resort Hotel and Casino. There are a lot of famous personalities who have residential areas in this condo hotel structure.

The condo hotel units are generous in vast range of amenities. When it comes to the size of the floor plans, it range from studio condo units that are 600 sq. ft. in size, to 1-bedroom condo units of 12200 sq. ft., and there are also luxury penthouse units that offer 7000 sq. ft. spaces. All of the condo hotel units in Palms are entirely furnished with high-end contemporary flair down to the flatware, linens, and HDTVs.

Some of the bigger penthouse units in Palm Place feature indoor-outdoor pools, basketball courts, and fireplaces. The swimming pools in this perfect condo spot are accented with glass walls, giving waterfall-like impression off the tower’s side. If you will be a resident of any of the sumptuous Palms Condos in Las Vegas, you will have the opportunity to use the different Palms Hotel amenities, which include sporting events, clubs, restaurants, and spas.


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