crighton team henderson homes for saleHenderson in the sophisticated Nevada is a “gem in a desert.” It is a cozy suburb that sits in Las Vegas Nevada, which has been deemed as one of the 20 Best Places to reside in the United States, according to the Money Magazine of CNN. If you are searching for exemplary yet affordable residential spaces, Henderson can help you with that goal.

It takes pride from its top-notch planned communities and neighborhoods. Aside from the fact that Henderson is one of the most suitable places to check out when it comes to reasonably priced homes, it is also one of the liveliest communities, knowing that it offers must-see attractions, excellent cultural events, high quality education, so as big city conveniences, since it is very proximal to Downtown Las Vegas.

The City of Henderson has great devotion for arts. In the prestigious Water Street District, art enthusiasts will surely be fascinated with the incredible art galleries, which showcases the arts of the local school kids. Henderson truly celebrates and appreciates the young artists. This city also holds Shakespeare in the Park acts annually. Every week in season, City of Henderson features the symphony orchestra, which gives very enhancing performances.

crighton team hendersonIf classical act is not your cup of tea, you can see concerts at the vivid Henderson Pavilion Outdoor Amphitheater. Take note; this one is the biggest outdoor stage in the entire Nevada. You and your family will certainly enjoy living in Henderson since The City offers wonderful outdoor movie nights for families.

In terms of activities, the City of Henderson can offer a lot. You and your friends or family can go to the Ethal Mars Chocolate Factory, and be fascinated how those sweet pleasures are being made, and probably take advantage of free samples. Those who are amazed with cactuses can check out the spacious cactus garden, which houses more than 100 varieties of cactuses.

crighton team henderson lakeBut if you want to unleash the explorer in you, you can go to Lake Las Vegas and have a splendid boating expedition or try other water inspired activities, such as the standup padding. Are you more of a biking and walking enthusiast? If yes, then you would definitely fall in love with Henderson’s great biking and walking trails, and endure the year-round sunshine.

To be closer with the community, you can visit the weekly farmers’ market, where you can buy fresh, tasty, locally produced products. See! The City of Henderson Nevada ensures that its residents will have a cozy and lively living, by giving the best conveniences life can offer.