Ascaya Luxury Home Sites


Ascaya Luxury Residence Home Sites



Ascaya development has emerged and it is now ready to move forward with a luxury home site opportunity for the mega-rich the likes of which are unprecedented in the Las Vegas Valley. Yes it and opportunity, and the truly affluent didn’t get there by sitting on the sidelines.

Ascaya is now ready with high-end luxury residential sites for sale. This 600+ acre track of Las Vegas real estate features the most up-scale real estate property in las Las Vegas. $250 million already invested preparing it for development. That process included blasting and excavation for roughly 300 lots, each priced at more than $1 million.

In 2008 article from Las Vegas Sun: “The view from Hong Kong billionaire Henry Cheng’s 3 1/2 acre compound will eventually be jaw dropping, a sight line so expansive that the Red Rock Casino will be visible clear across the city, beyond the Strip buildings poking up like figurines.”

Just as this place was derived from rock formations millions of years in the making, the name Ascaya originates from a distant place and time. The ancient Greeks and Romans used an axe-like tool called an ascia to carve stone structures. Its ability to shape natural elements at mankind’s whim inspired a development of monumental proportions. Nestled into the desert landscape that defines Nevada’s visage, Ascaya feels as if it were shaped by the elements. Nestled into the desert landscape that defines Nevada’s visage, Ascaya feels as if it were shaped by the elements. It being man-made makes the terrain all the more impressive.

Where stone rises up to meet the sky, there is a place called Ascaya.

Ascaya, Inc. is privately held by the Hong Kong-based family of Dr. Henry Cheng, a diversified group involved in construction and high end residential developments in Asia, Europe and the Americas. The CHENG Group acquired the Henderson, Nevada property more than two decades ago. Since Ascaya was first conceived on the most talented planning, civil engineering, construction, and architectural professionals in the United States. The group pursued a 5-year development plan, investing over $200 million in civil engineering, earthwork, architectural and infrastructure works.

The Cheng family controls New World Development Company Limited, Stock Code 0017.HK a component stock in the Hang Seng Index, which is one of the largest property developers in Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia. New World Development has 27 major projects in Hong Kong.

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